As a student enrolled in the College of Engineering, you will receive a total of 4,000 units per semester for printing.

Students are encouraged to explore the different printing resources available and to exercise good stewardship in the use of printed material. Costs of printing are often expensive and adversely impact the opportunity to purchase new computing resources for the college.


Every semester students are allotted a quota for printing. Engineering majors receive a 4,000 unit quota and non-engineering users receive a 500 unit quota. A black and white laser printer consumes five (5) unit per printed side of paper, a color laser printer consumes fifteen (15) units per printed side, and plotters consume a varying amount equal to the size of the paper (see postings near the plotter for more information).

Student Government passed a resolution to set standard print rates across campus to introduce equality in print rates for every student and set it at 5 units/page for black and white prints. Color prints were increased to cover costs.

During the logon process a small window is displayed that shows the remaining quota available. To see your history of printing, click the link at the bottom of the window. Alternatively, you may visit the following website from anywhere to view your print quota and history:

When you use up all of your quota, subsequent prints will start charging your U-Bill.  Part of the Student Government decision was to set limits and encourage responsible use of the quota given to you.

Yes.  To stay in line with Student Government decisions we will not be increasing the quota past 4,000 units for Engineering students.

The quota is not money, nor is it an allocation. In reality, the quota is a limit to prevent users from abusing the system. Printing is a privilege that requires users to exercise responsibility.

All printers in Engineering computer labs can be accessed using PaperCut Mobility Print. Visit this page to learn more and connect to lab printers.