How to Reset ANSYS to Use the Default Licenses for 2021

Starting in 2021, ANSYS began issuing new licenses for their academic customers. Unfortunately, the names of the new licenses do not match the previous names, which means that once the new licenses are installed on the license server, users must reconfigure their ANSYS clients to use the new default license names.  This is actually pretty simple to do.

Open the ANSYS Client Licensing Admin Utility

The example below uses version 17.x.  You will need to adjust the selection according to the version you are running. 

On the Client/Workstation:
First close all ANSYS programs, be sure to save any data you’ve been working on if necessary

For WINDOWS please select – Start /All Programs /ANSYS v17.X / ANSYS Client Licensing / Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility.
or click type “Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility 17.x” in windows search and launch the utility.  Note that you should see a different version of the ANSLIC_ADMIN utility for each version of ANSYS installed on your system.

For LINUX – /ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/lic_admin/anslic_admin


Click the button labeled Select License Preferences for User xxxxxx. Where ‘xxxxxx’ is your username.  This will open the next selection screen.

Select the ANSYS Product Release

Select the release of ANSYS you wish to apply these settings to. You will normally select the ANSYS product release number you are currently running. In the example below, we’ve selected 2020 R1 since that is the version we have installed.

After you click the OK button, you will get the first screen of license preferences settings.

Set License Preferences for Each Category of Licenses

On the License Preferences screen, licenses are grouped into four categories: Solver, PrepPost, Geometry, and HPC. You will need to set similar preferences for each category. The Solver license pane is show below.

On this page, you can leave checked the box labeled “Share a single license between applications when possible”.  Next, click the button Reset to Default.   A confirmation page will appear:

Click the Continue button to accept the change.    You should see the following:

Note that this change only applies to the Solver category of licenses.  You will also need to do this for the PrepPost, Geometry, and HPC license categories.