Remote Computing

Need a program that’s only available on Windows and you have a Mac? Really need to log into a lab computer but campus is closed? The College of Engineering offers multiple solutions to utilize computer resources in or out of the computer labs. Most of the applications available in the engineering computer labs are also available remotely. See below for both Windows and Linux remote options.

Windows Remote Computing

We have now enabled access to engineering computer labs across campus through VMware Horizon Client (VDI). When connected to, use ENGR Computer Labs to be connected to one of the workstations in Hoover 2255, 2260, 2264, or 2268. Other departments have enabled their computer labs too. You will see their labs listed when you log in to if you have been granted access.

IMPORTANT: You must be running the latest version of VMware Horizon Client to connect to

For instructions on how to connect to VDI from a PC, click here

For instructions on how to connect to VDI from a Mac, click here

IMPORTANT: If you are enrolled in ECpE courses you have the additional option of accessing VDI sessions designed for use in the EE and CPRE disciplines (“EE Windows VDI” and “CPRE Windows VDI”, respectively).  These can be accessed by logging into the server from the VMware Horizon client.  Full instructions for accessing these resources are available at .  If you experience any issues in accessing these VDI Pools, please email for assistance.

Linux Remote Computing

There are several ways to access Linux systems remotely. The protocols that we support are the Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Copy (SCP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), and VMWare Virtual Desktop (VDI).

SSH, SCP, and SFTP are widely used, reliable, and there are several good free and simple-to-install programs available that you can use from your own computer. All data transferred using SSH, SCP, and SFTP are encrypted, making it difficult for anyone to steal your data or your password.

SSH is used for command line access.
SCP and SFTP are used for remote file access.

SSH Access by OS

From UNIX/Linux

Most UNIX and Linux variants have SSH programs installed, frequently the OpenSSH version. To use the OpenSSH SSH client program on UNIX/Linux, simply type SSH followed by the name of the computer in a command shell.

From Mac

The Terminal application included with macOS can be used for SSH or there are several other 3rd party SSH client programs for Mac.

From Windows

There are several good SSH client programs for Windows. A very simple and easy to install SSH client program for Windows is called PuTTY.