Software for Faculty & Staff

The major software titles available for faculty and staff to use are listed below; any associated costs are noted in the COST column. Use of the software for sponsored research is noted separately in the table, but all titles are eligible for the following use cases.

  • Teaching
  • Faculty Office
  • Graduate Office
  • Non-Sponsored Faculty Research
  • Non-Sponsored Graduate Research

If your use is for sponsored research please Contact Us to acquire a quote. Sponsored research is not eligible for academic discounts so we have to contact the vendors for accurate pricing.

See the Install column below for methods of installation on your computer. A (1) indicates you can contact your local IT staff to get it installed and a (2) indicates you can visit our secure portal and install it yourself.

Title Use for Sponsored Research? Cost Notes Install Method(s)
PTC Creo No - 1
PTC MathCAD No - 1
Abaqus No Contact Us 1
Ansys Yes Contact Us 1
Autodesk Suite No Contact Us 1
CES EduPack No - ME, MSE, AERE only 1
COMSOL No Contact Us Ames Lab is NOT eligible 1
Intel Compilers No Contact Us 1
Mathematica No - Download Mathematica 1
MathType Yes - 1, 2
MATLAB Yes - Download MATLAB; Ames Lab is NOT eligible 1, 2
Sigmaplot No - 1
Tecplot No - 1, 2
RHEL Yes - 1
SPSS No $50.00/seat/year 1
WinEDT No - 1
Bentley Microstation Yes - 1
Chemdraw Yes - 1
ESRI ArcGIS No - Download ESRI Software 1
JMP Yes - Download JMP 1
Mastercam Yes - 1
LabView Yes - 1
IHT Yes - 1, 2
Camworks Yes - 1
SAS No $8.00/seat/year Purchase SAS 1
Adobe Creative Suite Yes - ISU-owned computers only 1
OriginPro Yes - 1
EES Yes - 1
Microsoft Office Yes - Personal Computers ONLY
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