Install & Connect to VPN – Mac

How To Steps: Install VPN Connect to VPN Disconnect from VPN Download these instructions as a PDF Install VPN Download the package   Locate the downloaded file (anyconnect.dmg) and double-click the dmg to extract the installer folder. Double-click vpn.pkg to launch the installer. Click the Continue button to proceed. Click the Continue button to proceed. …Continue reading “Install & Connect to VPN – Mac”

Engineering Applications on the HPC Clusters

Engineering is a field that often requires big computers to analyze big problems. The College of Engineering works closely with the High Performance Computing (HPC) group at ISU to ensure that Engineering software is available on the HPC clusters at ISU. What HPC resources are available? Currently, there are three main clusters available to students …Continue reading “Engineering Applications on the HPC Clusters”

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VDI

With the same software as in our physical computer labs, VDI provides a virtual Windows 10 desktop for each student when connecting.  VDI works on- or off-campus (with VPN) and can be used from almost all of your computing devices. Visit to download the client for Windows and Mac. Install the client with all …Continue reading “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VDI”

Engineering Web Directories

All faculty and staff in the College of Engineering can request a web directory. The web directory is the same whether you are logging in via Windows, Mac, or Linux. How to Access Your Web Directory From On Campus Engr-Web Use the following CIFS share to access your web directory: Windows: \\\sites\home\<netid>Mac: smb://<netid> From Off …Continue reading “Engineering Web Directories”