Linux Remote Servers

5 Linux servers are available for all Engineering users:


These are fairly substantial systems with a large amount of memory and processors.  You can connect to these servers using SSH or RDP. These servers are only accessible from on-campus or when connected to the VPN.

SSH access

You can use any SSH client software to connect to these systems. PuTTy is an SSH client frequently used on Windows.  When connecting from your computer, be sure to supply your ISU NetID as the login or username.

RDP – Remote Desktop

If you need a graphical desktop, you can connect to these systems using Remote Desktop, aka RDP. RDP client software is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Local Home Directories

These remote access Linux systems use local home directories. That is, your working home directory is a local drive on the system. However, you can easily access your networked home directory on Myfiles.

Accessing Myfiles

To access your Myfiles home directory, open a terminal window and type this command:

cd /myfiles/<username>

where <username> is your username.

Local Data is Only Saved for a Few Weeks

Keep in mind that any files you create under the path /home/username is only retained for a few weeks. Be sure to save any files you wish to keep long term to your  /myfiles/<username> location.   For example:

cp document1.txt /myfiles/<username>